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How To Feel As Confident As Possible About A Court Date


Court: A Seemingly Scary Place

The legal system can be intense. It doesn’t matter why you have to be in court; it usually doesn’t bring positive feelings. Many times, you have a court date scheduled after an incident or conflict has happened. The whole thing can feel intimidating – from the judge to the courtroom to the fast-talking attorneys. TV shows portray court as a dramatic place, and it feels that way if you have a court date that you need to appear for. 

If you are in a situation where you have a possible court date coming up, you want to be as confident as possible walking in. How can you achieve this feeling of confidence? Let’s dive into that here.

Dress the Part

Whether you’re there physically or virtually, a courtroom is a place of law and order. Attorneys wear suits, and judges have robes. The way you present yourself allows for a good first impression and is perceived in a more positive light. Being unkempt in any way can be viewed as having a lack of respect or care for whatever reason you are in the courtroom that day. 

While there is no strict dress code for clients in the courtroom, it is highly advised to dress well. If you can, wear a suit to court. Be sure to iron your clothes and put effort into your appearance. If you do not have a suit, don’t fret. You can quickly put together a nice outfit without a suit and tie. The important part is that you look put together. Avoid clothing that is worn and torn. Leave offensive shirts with inappropriate language or graphics in your closet. Leave your beach clothes for the beach and party clothes for parties. Don’t wear any hats, and be sure to dress respectfully. This will show the judge that you are taking the legal matter seriously and respecting their courtroom.

Research What to Expect

If you have found this article, it means you might already be doing this. For almost everything, there is the internet. Do a basic Google search to see what to expect on the day of your court date in your state. Find a picture of the judge and other attorneys. Do not use movies or TV as a reference. While those many times draw from the truth, they are usually overdramatized. Even courtroom shows have a higher level of drama to them.

See if legal sites out there have a brief overview of what your court date will be like. Depending on what you have to go to court for, some government sites may also have guidance. If you are in court for a hearing or appeal, PDFs may be online from the government site explaining what the hearing will be like. The most important aspect of researching what your court date will be like is by speaking to an attorney. This brings us to our final point…

Talk To A Lawyer

Lawyers know better than anyone what to expect on your court day. They are practiced in the area of law they are representing you in and have appeared in court before. They can give you a detailed overview of what could happen at your appearance. If you have hired an attorney, they will prep you beforehand. Lawyers are also there to answer any questions you have regarding your case. Don’t be shy – use your attorney’s skills to put you at ease. They are in your corner and there to help. Speaking to a lawyer is the best thing you can do to help you feel confident about a possible court date.

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