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Top 3 Resolutions For Lawyers This New Year

New year, new you. That's the mantra that many walk into the new year with. Or maybe it's the same you with a few new resolutions. You spent the end of the year closing out important matters and (hopefully) getting some rest over the holidays. 

The ball in Times Square dropped, the calendar year inched forward one more number, and here you are, figuring out how to make the new year your best one yet. While many people have personal resolutions, professional ones usually make the list as well. For attorneys, there are a few resolutions that are top of mind and beneficial for you and your work. 

1. stay up-to-date

Technology is the best way to stay efficient within your practice. The world of legal tech is constantly evolving. What platforms do you have for case management? Contracts? To keep in touch with your clients? New AI is coming out and creating buzz within the legal world. Have you tried it? Are your platforms updated? Do you accept online payment? These are only some of the areas where your practice can lag behind when it comes to technology.

Technology can help you save time and money, as well as make your life (as well as those of your employees) much easier. The law of law is known as being resistant to change, but that doesn't mean you and your practice have to be!

2. Create more business

Your practice is your passion, as well as your paycheck, at the end of the day. Creating more business ensures continued success.  Lawyers often focus on billing time rather than developing business, when both hold importance. 

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate this into your new year's resolution. Re-strategize your marketing plan, reach out to potential clients on LinkedIn, and utilize platforms such as LegalQ. Our platform helps you grow your practice on your own terms and reduces the friction of finding and meeting clients. Devoting part of your work day to business development is a habit that can prevent lulls in work cycles and revenue. 

3. take care of yourself

Self-care is important. Lawyers are one of the highest-risk professions for mental health issues.

  • 28%  suffer from depression
  • 19% have severe anxiety
  • 11.4% had suicidal thoughts in the previous year

Be sure that while you set professional goals, you keep this personal one in mind as well. Whether that means taking a vacation, exercising regularly, or leaving work at work, practice wellness this year.

The new year is a great time to reflect on where you are in life and what goals you want to strive towards. Prioritize what both you and your practice need to succeed.